With Gufram the truffle enters the world of design.

Gufram, the Italian design brand that has always stood out for its pop and disruptive identity, has been invited by the International Alba White Truffle Fair to imagine an object as part of the White Truffle of Alba Kit project, an initiative that every year involves a design company in the design of an ad hoc product for truffles.

The brush for the White Truffle of Alba \is the object that sees the creativity of Gufram as the protagonist of this edition, which for the project involved Job Smeets, founder of the eclectic and countercurrent Studio Job, internationally acclaimed for its works that cross the boundaries between design and art.

Giacomo is the truffle brush imagined by the nonconformist genius of Job Smeets, who chose the iconic image of the “nose”, transforming it into an object that is both functional and evocative of the olfactory experience that is the very essence of the White Truffle of Alba.

Giacomo is not a random nose, but that of Giacomo Morra – to whom the name of the object pays homage – considered the creator of the Alba White Truffle Fair and its international success story.

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