Where are my glasses?

Experimentation and creativity take the centre stage once again in the collections from Venini, the well-established company that crafts true masterpieces from Murano glass. “Where are my glasses?” is the project from famed designer Ron Arad: thanks to his rip-roaring vision bubbling with ideas, glass finds new, light-hearted and, at times, provocative expressions of form. It is an occasion of complete understanding where the two figures behind the art piece, the designer and the master glass-maker, challenge themselves in pursuit of a one-of-a-kind perfection.
This is a collection comprising three vases (Under, Single Lens and Double Lens) that combines glass and metal, and colour and transparency in a production process boasting exceptional harmony. The expertly controlled energy of blowing the raw material is married with the craftsmanship’s precision. A sculptural contradiction is given life, a harmonious bond between the spontaneity of forms and a meticulous command of them.