A Star Wars 500 car

Garage Italia Customs, Lapo Elkann’s company specialised in tailormade vehicles, has created the 500e Stormtrooper, a special edition of the electric 500 dedicated to the Star Wars saga.
The body of the car is inspired by the armour of the First Order Legion and was commissioned by FCA to support the worldwide promotional campaign for the launch of the 7th Star Wars film.
The 500e Stormtrooper re-proposes the black&white colour match of the stellar legionnaire; the glass is coated with a 100% darkening film so as to make the characteristic styling of the Stormtrooper helmet recognisable immediately.
The FIAT logos are replaced by personalised badges with the emblem of the First Order, which is also repeated on the rims.
The same attention to detail can also be found in the interior, especially on the headrest and the steering wheel, where the same emblems are embroidered by hand.