The sound of a fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was an eclectic, multifaceted cube. It’s not a fairy tale; instead, it is a dream come true: Rippotai, which is Japanese for “cube”, is an innovative start-up, a hothouse for designing and producing ideas. Now the brand’s experimentation has yielded Soundpotai, a multi-purpose object which adapts to its surroundings like a chameleon, becoming a chair, a furnishing element and anything else your imagination brings to mind. But above all, Soundpotai is an innovative sound box which diffuses noises through vibrations in the cardboard it is made of. The physical principle applied is the same as that used for acoustic instruments, and it is to all intents and purposes a musical instrument. It is very simple to use: just connect the device (the source of the sound) with Bluetooth or an AUX wire to the internal amplifier, and the music starts. The two internal exciters generate soundwaves and transmit them to the walls of Soundpotai. There is no need for an app, and as it is battery powered, it can be placed anywhere. So the music and its beloved Soundpotai lived happily ever after.