The trail running tailor made sunglasses

Rudy Project is proud to exclusively unveil at the La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail Rydon Running, the all new sunglasses developed for the running disciplines. After more than 30 years of excellence in the sports eyewear world and intense testing with athletes, Rydon Running is the sunglasses that elevate the runners performance. Grilamid frame and Kynetium temples make Rydon extremely lightweight and resistant at the same time. Soft, adjustable rubber temple tips and nosepad ensure customized comfortable fit and maximum stability even on the more rough terrains.

The Rydon Running lenses deliver a wide field of vision sideways and vertically guaranteeing uninterrupted view and superior perception of the surfaces either climbing or descending.

The wide wraparound lens shape is designed to protect the eyes from the hazardous UVA and UVB rays and the other atmospheric elements. The end results are the eye strain reduction and the minimization of the risk of tearing during the running activity. The vents scientifically placed in the lower side of the lens and the Vent Controller enhance the air circulation inside the sunglasses, cooling the eyes during the intense activities and minimizing the risk of fogging.

Rydon running benefits from the state-of-the-art Rudy Project unbreakable photochromic lenses that ensure a perfect vision in every weather and light condition. Available in 3 different tints , the ImpactX 2 photochromic lenses start from a transparent state and they get dark or clear according to the different light conditions. The model mounts ImpactX 2 Red photochromic lenses which proofed to be the most performing lenses for mountain and trail running. The ImpactX 2 Red lenses are super-fast in shifting from clear to dark and the other way around, making extremely smooth and natural the transition from high luminosity to dark/shadow conditions which is very common when running in the mountains. Thanks to these lenses, the eyes are always protected and the light changes are never sudden allowing the runner to focus only on the path and its performance. Furthermore, the ImpactX 2 red lenses incorporates and HDR filter which enhance the contrast without altering the color perception resulting in a more relaxed visual experience. Rydon Running is RX-able and supports all the Rudy Project prescription solutions.

The new model is also available in the version with static vibrant RP Optics Multilaser Orange polycarbonate lenses