The new advertising campaign of Movitra expresses the two souls of the brand.

This season’s new collection by Movitra is presented in a new photographic campaign underscored by the unique spirit of the brand – the fusion of innovative engineering and technology, blending with absolute style, refinement of design and craftsmanship, born from the Italian tradition and knowledge from the past and the unique identitytwo souls one brand.

“Just as in each individual, the different nuances of character come together, belonging just to that one person, so too here, the souls are united, coming together as the two characteristics of the Mvitra brand,” says Giuseppe Pizzuto, Co-Founder, Movitra.

“By taking advantage of the mood created in these new shots, our new images are not simply ‘mirror images’ that can easily be divided in two. This time, the reflective effect fuses and blends harmoniously, soft, sensuous, yet always innovative.”

The campaign introduces the Spring/Summer 2021 sunglasses and ophthalmic collection with frames which result from a prestigious evolution of innovative eyewear construction and timeless design concepts.

4 sunglass styles and 4 optical frames have been added to the collection for the season, created in state-of-the-art materials and featuring Movitra’s durable signature patented locking system, the one-of-a-kind design feature that sets the brand apart.