“The Glasses Hype”

The evolution of eyewear communication is the subject of an exhibition in the More Design! pavilion. MIDO vice president Giovanni Vitaloni gives us a preview of the event.

How did you get the idea for The Glasses Hype exhibition?
As organizers of MIDO we reflected on the fact that for companies exhibitions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advertising and presenting their brands and products. Our exhibitors are always communicating, inside and outside the fair, also with advertising campaigns and window displays in optical stores. So we thought that covering the evolution of the advertising and promotional language associated with the world of eyewear would be a very interesting way of telling our collective story and, above all, of getting a glimpse of future developments. We also think that many operators do not know this story all that well so it will be useful.

How will the exhibition develop?
The structure of the “story with images” pinpoints four key moments in the sector’s evolution that will be the main focus of the exhibition: the pioneers (from 1920 to 1970 circa), the boom years (from 1970 to the end of the 1900s), the contemporary scene and the future. The intention is to create an inclusive event that will leave a strong emotional memory of the experience through a balanced presentation of images, information and entertainment focusing on the iconic contributions made by the exhibiting companies, the main players at MIDO and in the sector at international level.
The exhibition will also include a section dedicated to the communication of prescription and sun lenses; this will follow and conceptually complement the exhibition’s storytelling context.

On what criteria have you based the selection of images and material for the exhibition?
First, we asked all MIDO exhibitors to look in their archives and send us representative images and videos of advertising campaigns past and present and, why not?, to let us have their ideas on the future of communication in our sector. Naturally, given that MIDO has over 1200 exhibitors, we won’t be able to use all the material and a team of experts is making a selection that bears in mind, among other things, the relevance of the material in terms of the narration and correlation with the various sections of the exhibition.

Where will it be located in the fair?
The exhibition will be located and perfectly fit in the aesthetical setting of More Design! (pav. 6). We want it to be an integral part of the layout of this area that was inaugurated last year and hosts some of the youngest, most dynamic and interesting companies in the global panorama. Our theory is that, in addition to coming to the fair to do business and see what’s new on the market and in the sector, visitors to MIDO will have the chance to be involved in an experience that is a journey through time, the discovery of a fascinating and surprising story. It’s a break from the usual exhibition work, but new methods of fruition and an element of entertainment make it part of the experience for those visitors who live and breath eyewear all day and every day. e respirano occhiali tutti i giorni e tutto il giorno.