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Optimistic outlook for MIDO 2021: visitor registration are opened.

Optimistic outlook for MIDO 2021: visitor registration are opened.

On the MIDO website www.mido.com/en/entry-pass visitors to the international eyewear show – buyers, designers, entrepreneurs, opticians, ophthalmologists and global eyewear supply chain professionals – can register for the forthcoming edition of the show, slated for June 5 – 7, 2021. This subtle yet significant positive sign arrives from the world of trade shows, tools essential

Stand up for Green, MIDO’s emphasis on eco-sustainability

Only a few days remain until the first “Stand up for green” edition – the contest that will acknowledge the prize-winning stand designed and built around eco-sustainable principles. The award grew out of the idea to reward exhibitors for their environmental stewardship awareness and focus on good practices of sustainable living. The winner will be

MIDO: less than 30 days before the opening of the “Golden edition”

A sensational innovation-filled edition of the biggest global eyewear event. Less than 30 days before the opening of the 50th edition of MIDO, aptly named “The Golden Edition”, taking place February 29th to March 2nd at Rho Fiera Milano. This promises to be a unique, unforgettable year for the exhibitors, media and visitors participating in

50 years of MIDO, 50 years of history and growth in the international eyewear industry

On May 14, 1970, MIDO opened its doors to visitors for the very first time. At the entrance to Pavilion 30, under the wording “MI-DO – OPTICS AND OPHTHALMOLOGY EXHIBITION”, eight flags, including those of the EU’s founding members: Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg, waved in the breeze. Ninety-five exhibitors displayed at

MIDO: sustainability in progress

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability have become almost synonymous. If, up until a few years ago, sustainability was understood only as a commitment to the environment, like CSR, it now has three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. MIDO, the leading global eyewear show, and its associated services company have begun a journey aimed at

MIDO eyewear show celebrates 50 years with “Golden Edition”

A sensational innovation-filled edition of the top global eyewear event. A lot of changes have occurred in the world of eyewear from 1970 to the present. MIDO has written its transformative history over the course of these 50 years. At the first edition, there were 95 exhibitors (67 Italian and 28 from other countries) who

MIDO introduces the Stand up for green competition for the most sustainable booth

MIDO continues its journey on the road to sustainability with Stand up for green, the competition that recognises those who plan and create their own stand by adopting eco-friendly criteria, inviting all exhibitors at the 2020 edition to take part. The winner will receive an award at the MIDO fair during an evening event organised