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An advertising campaign with a strong visual impact

An advertising campaign with a strong visual impact

The Great Cretto is the largest piece of site-specific land art in the world, created by Alberto Burri between 1984 and 1989 on the spot where the city of Gibellina (in the province of Trapani, Sicily) was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. A vast expanse of white concrete covers the ruins of the town, almost like a

The future optical frames according to Blackfin

Blackfin’s new Spring/Summer 2020 optical frames embody its most authentic expression. The collection of frames expresses the brand’s uniqueness while its essence – titanium, absolute quality and design – remains intact. The Homewood, Vicksburg and Anfield styles are part of the Blackfin One line. The three frames – one for men, one unisex and the

A cross-contamination

Blackfin launches Aura, the new optical collection of beta titanium frames with acetate rims. The  core material interacts with and is illuminated by a powerful perimeter of light and color crafted in Italian cellulose acetate. The summer release presents five new styles with acetate rims that contrast brilliantly with the beta titanium structure. All of

Filippo Pustetto enters Pramaor as Global Sales Director

Pramaor has named Filippo Pustetto Global Sales Director, as of July 8. Reporting directly to CEO Nicola Del Din, the new manager will define and implement a sales strategy consistent with the company’s growth, sales and profit objectives, through the development and management of a sales force currently made up of 30 direct sales agents

Pramaor wins best medium-sized business in the province of Belluno

32 companies of Veneto, record holders in terms of financial statements and best performers in management terms, have been awarded Mentions and High Honours at the 3rd edition of Industria Felix – Il Veneto che compete. For the province of Belluno, these include Pramaor, the company that produces and sells eyeglasses in titanium under the

Pramaor grows up

Pramaor, an Italian company specialising in the production of titanium eyewear with the Blackfin brand, has exceeded its goal of 10 million euro in turnover. The company’s 100% Italian products are all entirely manufactured at its factory in the Province of Belluno. The 2017 turnover hit 10.1 million euro, up 30% on the previous year.