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10 October: World Sight Day 2019

10 October: World Sight Day 2019

World Sight Day is promoted by the World Health Organization and is celebrated every second Thursday in October. The goal of the initiative is to raise public awareness of the importance of sight, not only as a fundamental factor in contributing towards quality of life, but also for social emancipation. In today’s world, one person

Verizon Partners With OneSight, Smart Vision Labs and SUNY Optometry in Omaha Mobile Vision Program

Verizon announced it will be partnering with OneSight, Smart Vision Labs and SUNY College of Optometry to launch the Mobile Vision Care Program, designed to impact academic achievement by providing free vision screenings, comprehensive eye exams and glasses to over 600 students in Omaha public schools. Over the next two years, these partners will work

The second OneSight

OneSight has created “school-based vision centers”, self-sustaining and permanent vision centers within public schools that offer students quality care all year round. In January, it opened its second center at Fairfield City Schools, a suburb of Cincinnati with 10,000 students, almost half of whom live below the poverty line. The center will guarantee the main

OneSight and its noble undertaking

Founded and sponsored by Luxottica, OneSight is an independent nonprofit organization committed to fighting the crisis in eye care services. On July 21 it opened the first sustainable vision center at Ruhengeri Hospital in Rwanda, thanks to the team work of 45 Luxottica volunteers. The team also set up an operating model that uses a