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Oakley celebrates the universal love of sport with the remake of Bob Marley’s iconic “One Love” single.

Oakley unveils a powerful remake of Bob Marley’s iconic anthem – One Love – as part of the brand’s 2020 For the Love of Sport Campaign. The official release aims to inspire hope and positivity during a time of uncertainty by celebrating sport, and how it can enlighten and uplift. The reworked verses were co-written

Oakley’s Kokoro Collection contributes to the Covid-19 Emergency Solidarity Response Fund.

Oakley launches the new Kokoro Collection designed by renowned artist Meguru Yamaguchi, created to inspire and unite athletes of all abilities through a shared Love of Sport. To mark the launch and celebrate this message, Oakley is making a $200,000 donation to support the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO), sharing

Oakley In Residence stops over in Sydney

Sydney is the third stop for Oakley In Residence, as part of the brand’s One Obsession global campaign that expresses its passion for sport. After Los Angeles and London, it’s now off to Sydney, a lively and cosmopolitan city that also has one of the most active and evolved skate communities. The programme will include

Oakley “fastens” eyewear

Oakley has launched Latch, a new model of sunglasses with a patented latch mechanism integrated in the frame, which means they can be safely fastened to a collar or open pocket. Created by Oakley in collaboration with skateboard icons Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, and with the contribution of photographer Atiba Jefferson, the