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Mido Lab Academy
3 questions for… Full Spot

Mido Lab Academy
3 questions for… Full Spot

What inspired your brand? The idea stems from a desire to create designer products that are part of a fashion accessories collection; the aim is to unite these two spirits. The project was conceived, prototyped, engineered, manufactured at our facilities and sold also through our network of standalone retail stores. Who do your collections target?

Mido Lab Academy 3 questions to… Rigards

Where does the inspiration for your brand come from? I am drawn to aesthetics that are not considered conventionally beautiful. Inspirations come in all shapes and forms, some of our frames have drawn references from sea creatures, folklore deities, Darth Vader, a square frame my father wore when he was courting my mother. We always begin the process with a sketch, often

Positive results for Essilor Strumenti at Mido

At the heart of Essilor Instrument Division’s display at Mido 2015, Organising Vision is the technology for the optical center of the future. Through connection to management software Focus 10 by Bludata, it enables the immediate interconnection of all the instruments in an optical center. Standing out among the new products presented was the Mr.

Mido Lab Academy 3 questions to… Sunpocket

Where does the inspiration for your brand come from? Since the founding in the French alps back in 1970’s Sunpocket’s lightweight foldable sunglasses are made for an active lifestyle. The premium design and foldable feature makes the ideal accessory for traveling, hitting the slopes and cruising the city. What’s the target of your collection? Today

Safilo studies kids collection with doctors

The new Kids by Safilo eyewear collection, devoted to 0-8 year olds and launched during last Mido, is a ground-breaking eyewear project. Conceived for children’s necessities, the collection is designed with a medical-scientific approach through the collaboration with Siop (Società Italiana di Oftalmologia Pediatrica) and WSPOS (World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus), and it’s

Futuristic lines

Contrasting geometrical shapes are a new source of inspiration for architecture, as was demonstrated by the Blackfin stand at Mido 2015. Its maximum expressions included MICX (Mons International Congress Xperience), designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. The space was opened officially in January with a ceremony at which Mons was designated European Capital of Culture for