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From eyesight to vision

From eyesight to vision

Save the date: Saturday February 29th at 6:30pm in the Services Center Auditorium, a gala evening of festivities and sharing, open to all MIDO participants. The evening begins with the “From eyesight to vision” presentation by sociologist Francesco Morace, on consumer habits and tastes in eyewear in the last 50 years – from the technical

MIDO: un supporto per l’industria

Due anni Angelo Trocchia assumeva la direzione del Gruppo Safilo. Con lui abbiamo cercato di capire come la Meraviglia abbia contribuito a fare crescere la sua azienda. Quando avete partecipato al primo MIDO eravate un’azienda a conduzione familiare, poi siete diventati una multinazionale: cosa ha significato per la vostra realtà MIDO? MIDO è sempre stato

Stand up for Green, MIDO’s emphasis on eco-sustainability

Only a few days remain until the first “Stand up for green” edition – the contest that will acknowledge the prize-winning stand designed and built around eco-sustainable principles. The award grew out of the idea to reward exhibitors for their environmental stewardship awareness and focus on good practices of sustainable living. The winner will be

MIDO4U.COM: a digital platform dedicated to the Asian exhibitors to present the new products

As it is evident, the circumstances which have emerged in recent days will prevent most of the exhibiting companies from China from participating in MIDO 2020. As a result, this year, the “Fair East” area (pavilion 7), which traditionally hosts the Asian exhibitors, will not be open. In order to reduce the impact from this

Eyewear of the Future as seen by the Certottica Academy

In honor of the extraordinary 50th anniversary of MIDO, the second-year students of the ITS Academy in eyewear design and engineering (a 2-year postgraduate course funded by the Veneto Region and MIUR, run by Fondazione ITS Cosmo and promoted by Certottica), produced 25 designs as a tribute to the Golden Edition. Based on input from MIDO,

The Glasses of the Golden edition

Winner of MIDO’s 50th anniversary commemorative eyewear contest is the new brand Yugaav. After its debut at the show last year, the company crafted the most emblematic style of men’s and women’s sunglasses, referencing the anniversary through custom-designed features and details on the frames and the packaging. “A real, true narrative underlies the design concept