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Chanel confirms Luxottica

Chanel confirms Luxottica

Chanel and Luxottica Group announced the early renewal of an exclusive license agreement for the development, production and worldwide distribution of sunglasses and prescription frames under the Chanel brand. The five-year agreement will come into effect on January 1, 2020 and run until December 31, 2024 with a possibility for renewal for a period of three years

EssilorLuxottica to acquire HAL’s 76.72% interest in GrandVision

EssilorLuxottica S.A. announced an agreement with Hal Optical Investments B.V. , a wholly-owned subsidiary of HAL Holding N.V, for the sale of HAL’s 76.72% ownership interest in GrandVision N.V. EssilorLuxottica will buy HAL’s shares for a price of Euro 28 per share, to be increased by 1.5% to Euro 28.42 if closing of the Transaction

EssilorLuxottica and Delfin sign settlement agreement to solve EssilorLuxottica’s governance issue

EssilorLuxottica announced that EssilorLuxottica and Deflin S.à.r.l. agreed upon a settlement agreement to overcome the governance issues and set the basis for a renewed start of profound collaboration between Essilor and Luxottica. The agreement settles any existing dispute among the parties. The Board of Directors of EssilorLuxottica unanimously supported and approved this agreement aimed at

Luxottica Group reorganization

Luxottica Group simplifies its governance structure with the departure of the Chief Executive Officer for Product and Operations Massimo Vian before his term expires. The group will consolidate executive responsibilities in the hands of the Executive Chairman Leonardo Del Vecchio and the Deputy Chairman Francesco Milleri, who also assumes the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Maxi merger between Essilor and Luxottica

Luxottica and Essilor have merged to create the biggest giant in the international eyewear industry, with a total of 140,000 employees worldwide and sales in over 150 countries. Essilor will become a holding under the new name of “EssilorLuxottica”, following transfer of all its operational activities to a wholly owned subsidiary, called Essilor International, and