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Zeiss and the advantages of photochromic technology.

People who habitually wear prescription glasses are often obliged to alternate them with sunglasses whenever they enter an indoor space or go outside and vice-versa. What’s more, especially during this season it is essential to remember the importance of protecting the eyes from UV rays: excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can harm the delicate skin

8th edition of DaTE confirmed for September 19-21 in Florence.

DaTE organizers confirm the dates for the ‘eyewear of the future’ event, on the calendar September 19th to 21st in Florence, Italy in the halls of the Stazione Leopolda. DaTE, the international show focused on avant-garde eyewear, will be the first crucial event for the eyewear sector in the Fall of 2020 and the first

Nirvan Javan celebrates its 5° anniversary with their latest London collection.

With their current London collection – handcrafted in Japan – the brand Nirvan Javan celebrates its 5th anniversary. Inspired by the collection named after the dynamic metropolis, the brand also launched a premium sunglasses model Shades of London 02:02:02 (GMT) – limited to 100 pieces. This unisex premium model features a lightweight, dark acetate frame

Okia receives the Intertek Green Leaf Mark.

Okia strengthens its commitment to sustainability and has recently been awarded the Intertek Green Leaf Mark, a consumer product and systems verification that confirms your environmental claims have been independently verified and can thus be used to enhance the marketability of your product. BIO-Repet The certification comes as a result of the company’s development of BIO-Repet, a

Essilor’s global solidarity initiatives for fighting the pandemic.

The group has set in motion a number of beneficial actions at world level to support people working in the front line to prevent the spread of COVID-19. WMIDO discussed the subject with Essilor Italia Managing Director Luca Strigiotti. What steps has your group taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19? There is a common denominator