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Four steps to sustainability

Four steps to sustainability

Since it was first founded, FabbricaTorino has completed four stages to achieve eco-thinking. The project is in constant evolution and the last step revolves around making circular manufacturing completely transparent and traceable. The CEO of the Turin company, Alessandro Monticone, talks to WMIDO about the journey undertaken in the pursuit of environmental sustainability.  When did

For the Safilo Group growth also means sustainability.

In this interview Camilla Costaguta, the Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, describes her company’s responsible approach to protecting the environment and improving people’s lives. How is your group tackling the subject of sustainability at corporate level? In the eyewear sector – but also in the fashion and luxury segments in general – sustainability and caring for

How Covid-19 has influenced eyewear design.

Thanks to decades-long technological know-how acquired over the years in technical/sports products, having great affinity with protective devices, Franco Sordelli set up a division dedicated to eye and face protection. The Italian company has been able to apply its innovative vision also to eyewear, rethinking them from a post Covid-19 aspect. We talked about this