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Luxottica Wholesale’s Uguzzoni: Seeing ‘Collaborative’ Opportunities in the Future Merger With Essilor

Luxottica Wholesale’s Uguzzoni: Seeing ‘Collaborative’ Opportunities in the Future Merger With Essilor

With the industry continuing to process the news about the historic, pending mega merger of Essilor [Euronext Paris: EI] and Luxottica [MTA: LUX; NYSE: LUX], the team at Luxottica Wholesale N.A. is reinforcing the opportunities of the deal and emphasizing that the future will take on a “collaborative mindset.” The eyewear giant is actively seeking the

Maxi merger between Essilor and Luxottica

Luxottica and Essilor have merged to create the biggest giant in the international eyewear industry, with a total of 140,000 employees worldwide and sales in over 150 countries. Essilor will become a holding under the new name of “EssilorLuxottica”, following transfer of all its operational activities to a wholly owned subsidiary, called Essilor International, and

Essilor Expands in China, Updates Revenue Projections

Essilor announced that it formed a new partnership by taking a 50 percent stake in Photosynthesis Group, a Hong Kong-based company that markets sunglasses and corrective lenses under a range of banners including MJS. It primarily operates through a network of franchised shopping mall stores in China and has begun expanding abroad in Southeast Asia.

A Mido that exceeded expectations for Essilor

Essilor Italia registers a very positive result for Mido 2016 in terms of attendance and feedback from the many opticians introduced to the new products. These include the beautiful Eye Protect System, the new clear lens that screens UV rays and blue light and the Sun Collection sunglass and optical glasses range that combines performance,

Anne Hathaway brand ambassador of Bolon

Bolon, a flagship brand of Xiamen Yarui Optical, a Chinese company that joined the Essilor Group in 2013, has chosen Anne Hathaway, the famous American actress, to become its brand ambassador in China, South East Asia and a few other territories. Anne Hathaway will appear in a communication campaign starting February 2016, across China including

Essilor is counting on Mido

Luca Strigiotti, Managing Director of Essilor Italia, explains exclusively to WMIDO why his group has decided to focus on the Milan exhibition. This year Essilor will be at Mido with twice the display space and also with lenses. What factors led to this decision? Mido represents an opportunity given the way we closed 2015, a

The19th Fundraising Dinner-show for the Eye Disease Foundation: a Resounding Success

The Eye Disease Foundation hosted its 19th annual fundraising dinner-show with an auction for research on eye diseases. This event took place on November 17 at the Capitole de Québec, under the honorary presidency of Michel Dallaire, Eng., president and Chief Executive Officer of Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust. NewLook Eyewear, Laboratoire d’optique SDL, Essilor,