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MIDO 2021 set for June.

MIDO 2021 drops its traditional February dates to schedule a June show. A sensible choice, driven by the aim to ensure exhibitors and visitors an exhibition offering peak international traffic potential and profitable business transactions. The show’s well-known international reach encouraged the organizers to make a bold, decisive choice: rescheduling MIDO 2021 to Saturday June

Hoya Lens chooses SB Italia for artificial intelligence.

Hoya Lens is backing the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Italy, aided by SB Italia. This partnership is aimed at creating a solution that can increase customer loyalty. It will be a predictive analytics solution to back up a marketing and commercial strategy that revolves around the customer. Comment from the partners

How to build up your business while keeping the supply chain intact.

The lockdown was an extremely difficult time for business at global level. Miga Studio created and implemented a digital system that was able to generate traffic in the optical centre and even allowed the company to increase its clientele. Alessandro Fedalto, CEO and co-owner of Miga Studio, talked about it with WMIDO. How did you