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Green pioneers.

Green pioneers.

With the ECO collection, created 11 years ago, when the issue of sustainability was still little heard of, Modo International positioned itself on the market as a forerunner of this theme. Let’s find out how the brand has developed and how it is evolving through the words of its CEO Giovanni Lo Faro. What is

How Komono expresses its ecological responsibility.

Our journey into sustainability in the world of eyewear continues. In this interview, we take a closer look at Komono’s reality project. Founder Anton Janssens talks about it at WMIDO.   Would you tell us about your path towards a production that sees the use of ecologically responsible materials? We are strongly committed to use

Are you eco-friendly?

Emerging always more frequently in the worlds of food, fashion, architecture and design, are eco-aware attitudes that translate into a search for products that are sustainable, eco-compatible and environment friendly. This preference is beginning to appear also in the home, with the choice of furniture, furnishings and materials that have a positive impact on the