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Essilor’s global solidarity initiatives for fighting the pandemic.

The group has set in motion a number of beneficial actions at world level to support people working in the front line to prevent the spread of COVID-19. WMIDO discussed the subject with Essilor Italia Managing Director Luca Strigiotti. What steps has your group taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19? There is a common denominator

Mirage Italia donates 50 protective eyewear to Ryders Onlus

Ryder Onlus, a Lazio Region accredited non-profit organisation that provides integrated home care for patients with respiratory failure, cancer or who are frail and elderly, can now work in safety thanks to an invaluable donation by Mirage Occhiali, a Lombardy company that has been operating in the eyewear sector for over 60 years.  Ryder Onlus