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Luigino Boito has been confirmed as president of Certottica

Luigino Boito has been confirmed as president of Certottica

Luigino Boito has been confirmed as president of Certottica: the Shareholders’ Meeting nominated the new Board of Directors for the three-year period 2019-2021, keeping the senior management unchanged. Boito will be flanked by the two Vice Presidents: Giannino Lorenzon in charge of personnel management, and Gianni Vetrini from Barberini for duties in the regulatory field.

Certottica and Istituto Zaccagnini together to train

An innovative agreement aiming at combining the needs of two worlds which are slowly drifting apart, optics and eyewear industry, by strengthening new professions and creating new ones. This is the goal of the protocol made official at MIDO between Certottica and Istituto Zaccagnini with branches in Bologna and Milan. Within a project of cooperation

Recognition of Certottica’s ethical conduct

Certottica has been awarded the maximum score in the Legality Rating, meaning that it is publicly recognized as one of the most exemplary Italian companies as regards ethical conduct. The Legality Rating is an innovative tool introduced by the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) in accordance with the Italian Ministries of the Interior and Justice, whose

Two studies aimed at safety

After the success of the Interreg V Italy-Austria 2014-2020 first call for proposals, another two studies by Certottica and Dolomiticert in the Interreg Dolomiti Live program were declared eligible and will focus on safety. Based on the fact that in recent decades the characteristics of air pollution have changed, Certottica will study an innovative device

Four Interreg projects for Certottica and Dolomiticert

At the first call for Interreg V Italia-Austria 2014-2020 proposals, Certottica and Dolomiticert obtained funding for four research projects. In the first, Certottica heads ICAP “Innovation through the combined application of plasma technologies”. At the helm of the Idee project, Udine University will be supported by Certottica and another three entities. Dolomiticert has confirmed its

New standard reference for sunglasses in Europe

The technical standard EN 1836:2005+A1:2007 is expired. From 28th February the only standard reference for sunglasses for general use in Europe will be technical standard ISO 12312-1:2013. Among the novelties introduced by the latter, there is the compulsory test on temporal protection of sunglasses with category 4 filters. Clause 11.2 of the standard requires such