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ECO Ocean has won the ‘A’ Design Award.

ECO Ocean has won the ‘A’ Design Award.

After being honoured with the IF Gold Award 2020 for its collection of recycled metal frames with magnetic clip-on sunglasses and with the German Design Award 2021, ECO (the company Modo’s brand) now takes home another prize – the ‘A’ Design Award for ECO Ocean. The award confirms how ECO Ocean fully reflects the brand’s

Tiziano Tabacchi receives the “Lepre bianca” art award

Tiziano Tabacchi, the designer and founder of the brand MIC-Made in Cadore, was recently presented with the 2019 edition of the “Lepre bianca” art award by the Regola di Costalissoio of Cadore. The award, which is promoted by the Luigi Regianini Surrealism Museum in Costalissoio is presented to artists whose work expresses a connection with

The Communicator Award goes to Morel

Morel has received the top Communicator Award: the Award for Excellence. This international award was granted in recognition of Morel’s 360° communication campaign, launched in October 2018. and entirely designed and implemented in its own communication department. Last year the French brand completed a daring change of direction. Exit the sometimes somewhat redundant image of

Blackfin, winner of the second edition of Bestand

One of the returning highlights of the 2015 edition of Mido is the special Bestand prize, which recognizes the most appealing, original and communicative stand with regards to elegance, interaction with the public, aesthetic appearance, attention to design, comfort and supreme product display. The Italian brand Blackfin was the chosen winner of this prize, voted

Leidmann receives the Bestore award

Among the new additions to Mido 2015 is the Bestore initiative, an international recognition award that seeks to encourage eye care professionals to discover and embrace new ideas deriving from display innovation. This unparalleled initiative for the eyewear industry is targeted to stores throughout the world, with the aim of rewarding vendors who have succeeded