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Eyecare Community to Come Together and Take the World Sight Day Challenge on Oct. 8

Members of the North American eyecare community are gearing up once again to support and celebrate Optometry Giving Sight and its annual fundraising campaign, the World Sight Day Challenge held throughout September and October. This year’s Coalition members include ABB Optical Group, Alcon, AllAboutVision.com, CooperVision, Essilor, Eyefinity, FYidoctors, Marchon Eyewear, Vision Source, VSP Global and

Contact Lens Pricing Battle Decided in Utah, Garners National Attention With Litigation and Proposed Bills

Friday afternoon, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert signed into law the “Contact Lens Consumer Protection Act,” which bans contact lens manufacturers from utilizing Unilateral Product Pricing (UPP). The law will go into effect May 2015. The Utah law is one of a group of anti-UPP bills supported by 1-800 Contacts, based in Draper, Utah, and introduced