ST!NG is working alongside non-profit organisation Save the Planet on a reforestation project for the island La Certosa.

The island in the Venetian lagoon was hit in 2012 by a violent tornado that seriously damaged the local environment, uprooting most of the trees and intensely altering the area’s landforms.

The reforestation plan pursued by Save the Planet and supported by ST!NG will be carried out in partnership with Vento di Venezia, the company that manages the island on behalf of the Municipal Authority and the State Property Office, institutional partners in the initiative.

The project involves the planting of young trees, selected in order to guarantee a wide range of species and an improvement of woodland assets. The first trees – donated by Fondazione di Venezia – Museo del ‘900 di Mestre (M9) – form part of Foresta M9: un paesaggio di idee, comunità e futuro (Forest M9: a landscape of ideas, community and future).

This unique installation is a temporary forest set up in the very centre of the museum, underlining the relationship that links the Venetian territory with its woodland.