Starting January 1, 2021 Neubau Eyewear will begin operating as an independent entity of Silhouette International

Silhouette lnternational has been creating premium eyewear for 56 years now.

The investments that have been made since Silhouette lnternational was founded have ensured that the company has continued to develop its quality leadership in the premium eyewear segment.

Over the years, the company headquarters have grown significantly. The company’s portfolio now includes not only products from the Silhouette brand, which form the core of Silhouette lnternational, but also products from the trendsetting urban brand Neubau Eyewear and sports eyewear brand Evil Eye.

The new strategy of Neubau Eyewear

In order to lead the brand towards a successful future, Neubau Eyewear will begin operating as an independent entity in the form of a subsidiary of Silhouette lnternational Schmied AG, from January 1, 2021 onward.

As an independent company, it will focus more fully on sustainable, trendsetting products distributed through its own sales and marketing channels and through selective business partnerships. All Neubau Eyewear models will stili be made in Austria with the utmost precision and attention to detail at the two production locations operateci by Silhouette lnternational.