Salmoiraghi&Viganò launches the emotional film directed by Federico Brugia on World Sight Day

Salmoiraghi&Viganò are launching a new communication campaign on World Sight Day. From today, in particular, Gli occhi dicono tutto will be aired, a true emotional journey guided by the creative genius of Federico Brugia, a name recognized for his creativity, poetics and distinctly innovative style.

This film is a manifesto and hymn to sight. It is a collection of little stories and great emotions shared by everyone, feelings experienced and betrayed that can be expressed with just a glance. The video evokes and explores all the moods which, for better or for worse, our eyes have experienced: the eyes of those who fall in love for the first time, the tears of emotion of those still capable of being moved, the intimate support of an understanding that only a glance can seal.

Awareness and prevention are the key points, as emphasized by Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, Head of Retail Italy: “I believe that, as a world leader and benchmark chain in the Italian optical retail sector, we have the duty and opportunity to make people aware about safeguarding what I consider to be the most important sense, namely sight. With this project which, like Federico and Matteo, I am in love with, I am sure that we will be able to speak to both people’s eyes and hearts.”

A film that represents a true eulogy to sight and vision, as can be inferred from the name Gli occhi dicono tutto (It’s all in the eyes) and as we read in the words of the director: “A eulogy to talking eyes, to eyes that meet and are never forgotten, to laughing eyes, eyes wet with tears and those that communicate silent words. It was exciting to shoot this video for Salmoiraghi&Viganò, since it allowed me to look at the beauty of everyday life with new and conscious eyes”, commented Federico Brugia.

For the soundtrack, Salmoiraghi&Viganò turned to Matteo Milleri from Tale of Us. The background music leads the viewer into an atmosphere outside space and time in which the eye can lose itself in the emotional thread of the proposed scenes. “The ad’s message is very strong and emotional. The piano is an instrument that transmits the artist’s emotions in a direct and uncompromising manner and I therefore consider it suitable for creating a minimal composition that accompanies the images of the film and accentuates its drama”, commented Matteo Milleri in reference to the soundtrack which he created.

Ph. Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio and Federico Brugia