Safilo ha created its Live Chat: You&Safilo.

In line with its customer-centric strategy, Safilo has implemented a new live chat feature on its business-to-business digital platform, aiming to provide opticians with an easy, quick and efficient communication tool. The Live Chat has been introduced in May in the Italian market and will be rolled out shortly in the other European countries where the B2B platform is active.

The new You&Safilo chat is managed by customer Ccare professionals and allows Safilo’s clients to receive assistance and support directly from the platform. Opticians can chat live with Safilo’s professionals, reducing waiting times and making communication more fluid, effective, and efficient.

The Live Chat function comes on top of the numerous other functionalities supported by You&Safilo, and represents another chapter of Safilo’s customer-facing digital shift, which include the go-live of a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and which demonstrates how customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are and will continue to be a key priority for the company. Safilo selected Salesforce for both the B2B e-commerce and the CRM platforms, WIP ITALIA for the UX and the platform design, and partnered with Accenture for this strategic project.

The launch of the chat function for the B2B platform confirms Safilo’s continuous commitment towards opticians and will further simplify interaction and after-sales management with its customers, all within the You&Safilo platform.