Rodenstock reveals its Extra Factor at MIDO

Rodenstock is exhibiting at MIDO with a new brand identity, on the back of an updated restyling project which further develops the image and concept of a company that is constantly evolving. Rodenstock’s mission has an increasing focus on the areas of innovation, technology and perfection, in all respects. Extra is the watchword, enabling the brand to offer its partners and final customers futuristic and technologically advanced products.
The main development in the field of lenses comes in the form of two new innovative products: X-tra Clean and X-tra Fast.

X-tra Clean, the first treatment that is perceptible to the touch, is the true star of this year’s MIDO. The existing product features are now enhanced with a new anti-smudge technology, which leaves lenses super smooth and polished.
The anti-reflective coatings favoured by optometrists are not always those which best match customers’ requirements. While professionals believe that it is important that treatments are long-lasting, and that are then aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, most consumers invert these preferences, putting easy cleaning first followed by aesthetics, and taking durability for granted. X-tra Clean satisfies both customer and optometrist requirements, providing opticians with a new product guaranteeing customer loyalty.
ColorMatic X-tra Fast 1.54 is the quickest ColorMatic yet: 63% faster lightening and 20% darker at high temperatures when compared to the ColorMatic IQ 2 1.54
The development of new technologies to assist customers and professionals is a priority in the Rodenstock company mission. The design and marketing of DNEye is irrefutable proof of this. This unique measuring tool is, as the name implies, able to provide a real “eye DNA” that guarantees analytical precision like never before. DNEye will be the flagship product of a roadshow in Italy that will be presented at MIDO. It promises a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the company to meet industry professionals and consumers, where the latest technological advancements for measuring and eyecare will be revealed.
Regarding frames, two of the many new models presented are R8024, a contemporary update with a vintage air, and the rocco by Rodenstock RR455 model, a cult item that retains its original retro style.
At MIDO, Rodenstock will also present two new models by Porsche Design – the P’8355, the quintessential aviator glasses in pure titanium (now also available with prescription lenses), and Glued Visor P’8664, again in titanium and the result of “formed in place” technology traditionally used in the automobile industry. This latter model was the recipient of the 2019 German Design Award.