Proud to have green DNA

Frames by the ultra-new MITA brand are created under the umbrella of sustainability because they are made exclusively from materials that are both recycled and recyclable, just like their packaging and brochures. Talking to us about it is Fabio Ferracane, CEO of VOT, the company that manufactures and distributes the brand.

What does MITA mean?

The name MITA encompasses the spirit of this brand: MI stands for the first and last letters of MIAMI, the city where VOT is based (Vision of Tomorrow, the company that manufactures and markets this brand) and ITA stands for Italy to indicate our origins.

So MITA is a bridge between the melting pot culture of the Magic City in the US and the concepts of Italian craftsmanship and design.

How is your “dual spirit” conveyed in the collections?

By starting from what the two names that make up MITA symbolise in the collective imagination. On the one side, we look for the trends and inspirations provided by a cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic city like Miami; on the other side, we concentrate on the aspects of design, style and quality that are a traditional  part of Italian fashion.

Your approach to eyewear began immediately with the use of recycled and recyclable materials. Tell us about your “green side”.

More than having a “green side”, our DNA is green! We began with the belief that fashion can be followed without harming the environment; on the contrary, fashion must be a tool for preserving the environment and raising awareness in order to defend it.

Increasingly day after day, sustainability is becoming more urgent and, fortunately, starting from the younger generation, people are becoming highly sensitive about saving the planet by making even radical changes to their habits.

Our frames are made exclusively from recycled and recyclable materials: plastic from bottles retrieved from the sea or steel and titanium recouped from recycling processes; the lenses are made from recycled materials.

Even the packaging and brochures are made from recycled paper. Not only are we very rigorous about the choice of materials, we also pay close attention to the manufacturing processes.

How do you combine a commitment to sustainability with the fashion aspect of eyewear?

Thanks to our “reshape” philosophy, we can redefine the ratio between fashion and sustainability by choosing our eyewear. Because we can offer a quality product at the right price, that is designed in accordance with fashion trends but that at the same time also expresses the personality of the wearer. And all by being good for the planet.

What is your latest sustainable project?

We work with various green associations not only by supplying our products and allocating a percentage of the sales of glasses, but also by actively contributing to awareness-raising initiatives.

For example, we support Ocean Blue Project, an American non-profit organisation whose mission is to return our ecosystem to its unspoilt state by cleaning the seas and through environmental education activities.

Additionally, we have taken part in and support the Clean Miami Beach project by working alongside volunteers.