Pq by Ron Arad

To be anti-ordinary is a Pq word: remaining outside the confines of the predictable, making a difference, not conforming and never accepting compromises. Pq by Ron Arad transforms eyewear – prescription and sunglasses – into an easy-to-wear designer object.

No hinges, no joints, featherweight, totally flexible, very wide spectrum of movement. The temples replicate the spine’s morphology to give the structure maximum flexibility. The potential of color explodes with 3D technology. Unique, tactile colors that produce a synesthesia of velvety, stonewashed effects in monochrome.

Consumers seeking distinctive elements. The collection urges you to look at the world through unconventional lenses. It is an anthem to free thinking, individual choice, stances that overcome fashions and inspire real commercial and aesthetic changes and usage.

Pq follows the route of differentiation by selection. Also through its customers, Pq spokespersons select outlets in Italy that represent the essence of the brand and convey a message that is consistent and unequivocal. Pq is applying these same criteria in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France and the Iberian Peninsula.