Points de Vue and the International Opticians Association form a strategic partnership

The International Opticians Association (IOA) and Points de Vue, Essilor’s international online review of ophthalmic optics, have agreed on a partnership to develop continuing education for eye care professionals and amplify knowledge sharing. This partnership will embrace the diversity and expertise of opticians around the world while meeting international standards.

Through this joint initiative, Points de Vue and the IOA will help the approximately 700 000 opticians around the world to stay up to date with the latest developments in the marketplace. It will aid them providing the best eyewear equipment tailored to their clients’ needs, hand in hand with ophthalmologists and optometrists. Leveraging intersections between the different professionals in the eye care sector, the partnership between Points de Vue and the IOA is designed to build bridges between opticians, ophthalmologists and optometrists and bring them closer together.

Ph. Olga Prenat, Global Director of Professional Relations & Chief Editor Points de Vue Essilor International

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