Paradigm’s new communication campaign has the desert as its backdrop.

This year has been unlike anything we could have ever predicted. Not only did we experience physical and personal isolation, but isolation from our normal routines and daily rituals.“As we set out to create our Spring collection in this current mindset, we began to draw connections between the feelings of isolation and the physical world as it compares to a desert landscape,said Paradigm’s staff.

The desert can sometimes be thought of as a barren wasteland, but it’s also something quite beautiful and serene with its endless horizons and muted earth tones. In many ways, these characteristics echo the simpler, slower pace of life which many of us have experienced in our quarantine bubbles. While a year of solitude leaves many of us high and dry, it has also offered an oasis; a space for reflection, expansion and growth—planting seeds for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Focusing on the beauty of the desert, we explored the various hues and textures within its geography – from the muted striations of windswept sand to the bright blue sky at desert high noon and everything in between. You’ll see color inspiration from its rocks and minerals like Quartz or Azure and its signature vegetation like the Yucca or Palo Verde. More broadly, you’ll see tranquil shades derived from geographic features like Dune or Canyon that capture the essence of these larger-than-life locations. Returning from previous collections are the best-selling dual tone metals plus some new additions like playful colored enamel on the eye rims in complementary shades to put the finishing touches on our desert-inspired collection, concluded Paradigm’s staff.