Oxo on the road

The itinerant tour of the OXO view from April to December 2019 has touched several locations throughout Italy reaching 32 stages. 

During these nine months over 2600 free visual screenings of men, women and children of all ages were carried out. From the answers given by the people who underwent the visual test, it was possible to deduce that 41% carried out the last visual check and changed their lenses more than three years ago. This figure is not the most comforting when you consider that the average age of the people met is about 48 years, so the time when the signs of presbyopia are heard.

Likewise, it is not reassuring that the knowledge and use of glasses with blue light protection has shown this to be the case. Only 4% use them, while 84% not only do not use them but do not know them at all. This is an alarming number considering that more than half of the subjects viewed spend many hours in front of digital devices.