Okia Optical responds to the “green” needs of the market.

Through the words of Jacky Lam, Managing Director of Okia Optical, we retrace the sustainable path undertaken by the company.

Your company was one of the first to move towards products with eco-sustainable DNA: what have been your milestones in this regard?

Since 2018, we first kicked off Okia Sustainability project, we had embedded whole eco concept to our UpCy-Cling Bottle collection – Reshape.

We upcycled 5 bottles into 1 pair of eyeglasses, plus our innovative biodegradable Biolens, biodegradable Polybag, RPET pouch and cleaning cloth, we provided a Total Solution for market eco need.

What is your latest sustainable product?

A series of bio-degradable products, Biolens, Bio Polybag and Bio Polymer will be launched in 2021. Okia’s biodegradable products can be as durable as long as you use it, when at the end of life, the product will biodegrade in landfill environment into water, carbon and biomass, etc…

Have you received any recognition for your commitment to sustainability? What direction will you move in going forward? Will you maintain this approach?

Okia’s Reshape collection is honored to be certified “Intertek Green Leaf Mark” by Intertek Testing Laboratory, it’s eco concept is well-recognized worldwide. We are achieving our #onemillionbottles challenge this year, but we target to upcycle 2 Million bottles into eyeglasses by 2021.

Absolutely we do our best to meet and exceed this target. Okia’s sustainability mission is create exciting products in a more sustainable way.

Has Pandemic negatively affected or strengthened the demand for this type of product?

While 2020 was once heralded as the “Year of Sustainable Business” in Forbes magazine, the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly swept into every aspect of life and corporate decision-making; environmental sustainability is clearly no exception.

We see more and more demand on our sustainable products, eyewear as one of the key items in fashion industry, it is unavailable to adapt the new sustainable rules in the market.

Will we see you at MIDO 2021?

Sure, we are ready for MIDO 2021, going to present our latest ECO collection, stay tuned!