Neo Romanticism

Ainea is a new brand of menswear and womenswear that is entirely made in Italy. The SS20 collection draws its inspiration from Euphoria, a TV drama series shown on HBO, and emphasizes both its tragic and its intense side. The result is a universe where classic and modern romanticism dialogue together and create a non-conformist aesthetic, an experimentation of something not seen before: a new romanticism.

The Ainea spring-summer collection is synonymous with elegance, seduction, freshness and – at the same time – drama. These moods are reflected in animal prints, inspired by nature, in blue, pink, orange and white.

The collection is intended as a tribute to the new generation of women: girls who reveal all the proper insecurities of their years, but who insist on looking at the world through the eyes of those who have only certainties to dispense. A world with which they interact differently compared to the generations that