Seven spectacular installations in the center of Milan will celebrate Italy’s quintessential know-how during Fashion Week in September. Eyewear will be the star of ‘Dressing the Face’ in Piazza San Carlo.

MILANO XL – A Celebration of Italian Creativity is an innovative and engaging project that will be held in Milan’s streets and squares from September 16 through 26 and coincide with Milan Fashion Week.
The initiative is the outcome of a system agreement by the Ministry for Economic Development, Milan City Council, Confindustria and Fondazione Altagamma. With the invaluable collaboration and support of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE), they have all agreed to set in motion a project by which the city of Milan will be a stage for stories by its exemplary manufacturing sector and those that make Made in Italy unique all over the world.
Through the construction of seven spectacular and highly evocative large installations in various locations throughout the city, Fondazione Altagamma, Confindustria and leading organizations in various sectors – ANFAO with MIDO (eyewear), Cosmetica Italia with Cosmoprof, Federorafi, Milano Unica (fabrics) with longtime partner SMI, Unic with Lineapelle (tanning), and Fiera Milano with Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni (bridal fashion) – the creativity and know-how of Italian manufacturers who make internationally-renowned high-end products will be brought to the attention of the general public.
Realized with the support of ANFAO and MIDO, the installation dedicated to eyewear, ‘Dressing the Face’, will be located in Piazza San Carlo in the heart of Milan.
A 12-meter high totem will project an incredible show of images, lights and sounds onto the facades of the surrounding buildings. Every evening from 9 p.m. to midnight throughout the event, the square will host a video-mapping show highlighting the best of eyewear production in Italy and the world. The show will begin with a video-editing by Gianpiero Brunetta of the most representative scenes from international cinema in which eyewear is the absolute protagonist, adorning the faces of the most famous movie stars of yesterday and today. A second film will describe the most memorable advertising campaigns dedicated to the world of eyewear: 5000 images collected from MIDO exhibitors narrate how advertisements for eyewear and lenses have evolved over the years. The show ends with a film that focuses on the role played by contemporary eyewear and how this product has, to all effects, joined the category of fashion accessories that define the style and identity of every person.

1. The Library of Textiles, Palazzo della Ragioneria, Milano Unica with SMI
2. The Parlor of Jewels, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Federorafi
3. The Cosmos of Beauty, Palazzo de La Rinascente, Cosmetica Italia with Cosmoprof
4. Dressing the Face, Piazza San Carlo, Anfao with Mido
5. Last Gift, Piazza Croce Rossa, Unic with Lineapelle
6. From the Workshop to the Showcase, the Cinema of Arts&Crafts, Via Montenapoleone, Fondazione Altagamma
7. Triumph of love, Castello Sforzesco – Piazza d’Armi, Fiera Milano with Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni

When: September 16 through 26, 2017
Conception and Creative Direction: Davide Rampello
Set design: Margherita Palli