MIDO establishes the top optical store in the world

As in previous years, the 2018 edition of MIDO offered the BESTORE award, the international competition reserved for the best optical points of sale at an international level. This year – for the first time – there were two categories: DESIGN – award aimed at those stores that stand out for the way in which the layout, materials, design, furnishings and general atmosphere contribute to creating an essential shopping experience, and INNOVATION – which evaluated all those aspects related to the evolution of customer service, interaction with customers and suppliers, communication management, the history of the store and its professional, human and emotional aspects.
The winners of the BESTORE DESIGN were ex-aequo the German Ludwig Oehm Sehmanfaktur of Frankfurt and the very Italian Ottica Paglia of Calascibetta (Enna), while the winner of the BEST INNOVATION award was Globe Specs in Tokyo. WMIDO interviewed them.


On behalf of Ludwig Oehm Sehmanfaktur, Aniko Geué, one of its three founders, responds.

You won the BESTORE DESIGN: did you expect it?
Of course I did not expect that, but that’s why it makes me proud to be internationally recognized.

Could you tell us which are your shop plus compared to the other shops?
The difference to other optical shops lies first and foremost in the fact that we make no compromises. The customer gets neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but simply what he needs. This starts with lens prescription and stops at the correct size, color and proportion of the spectacle frame. And of course the extraordinary ambience invites you to want more.

Giuseppe Paglia, the owner of Ottica Paglia, tells us about his business.

What does it mean for you to have been the winner of BESTORE?
Obviously it is a great honour for me and for my tiny town, Calascibetta, which only has 4,500 inhabitants with a per capita income among the lowest in Europe and where getting established was definitely not a walk in the park.

What were the reasons for which it was chosen?
Undoubtedly the beauty of my optical centre is the simplicity of design, the result of the work of well-known Milan designer Maurizio Peregalli. I think it was also recognition of the passion that I dedicate to my work, continuous research into glasses that many define as design but which I like to simply define as “beautiful” and among the most exclusive in the world.


Tetsuya Okada, the owner of Globe Specs, explains his take on innovation.

What meant for you being the best optical store in the world in the category “innovation”?
For me, to be selected for the BESTORE Award itself is extremely honorable already, but to be the best optical store in the new “Innovation” category is even more special. This is since because being selected as the best in “Innovation” category indicates that the juries of the BESTORE Award had granted certain degree of breakthrough and uniqueness to my operation of my store and way I planned every aspect. I never tried to be number one, but always tried the best to please my customers and make them happy. So, it is such an honor that all our efforts to such are being evaluated highly.

How much is “innovation” important for your shop? How will you celebrate this award in your shop?
It is probably the most important, since it proves that all our clients choice to selecting eyewear at us is the best decision in the world.
Of course, we will display the trophy in our store. And we also produced special panel to introduce the meaning of the Bestore Award “Innovation” as well as the banner which shows the Awarding ceremony in MIDO. Besides these appeal in my store, we also news released the award winning to the Japanese media. It had already been published and announced in quite many magazines, web-media and some news papers.


Ph. From left to right: Ottica Paglia, Globe Specs, Ludwig Oehm Sehmanfaktur