During MIDO Essilor underlined the importance of vision for road safety

Safety begins with your eyes: seeing properly is of key importance, especially on the road, where there are more than 175,000 accidents every year in Italy, with more than 3,200 deaths and 249,000 injuries, at a cost to society of more than 17 billion euros.
This is why ACI (Automobile Club d’Italia) and Essilor Group in Italy will be working side by side to support “Road safety starts with good vision”, an international campaign announced in Monza in September 2017 under a global partnership between Essilor – a world leader in opthalmic optics – and FIA, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. The campaign reminds everyone of the importance of vision for road safety.
ACI and Essilor Group promote road safety awareness through a programme of joint initiatives promoted all over Italy and a communications campaign – on and off line – aimed to increase awareness in Institutions, media, trade and public opinion.
The two organisations plan to work side by side on a wide range of educational initiatives targeting the general public, creating communication materials for high traffic touch points such as driving schools, automobile association offices and opticians.
Their goals include making drivers aware that vision – which is closely linked to reaction time – is the most important sense to take the right decisions on the road, increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the vision against sunlight glare or while driving under reduced lighting conditions, in twilight or at night.
In May 2017 FIA announced a new Golden Rule, “Check your vision”, in addition to the other key risk factors FIA has identified for road safety (“Obey the speed limit”, “Never drink and drive”, “Buckle up” …) to be promoted by an outstanding testimonial, Michael Fassbender, in a communication initiative by FIA and member automobile clubs all over the world.
Essilor Group in Italy is committed to promoting the importance of wearing specific equipped glasses for driving and keeping a second pair always in the car.

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