Matteo Mohwinckel appointed international sales director of Italia Independent.

Matteo Mohwinckel, as of this October, assumes the role of International Sales Director of Italia Independent, reporting directly to CEO Marco Cordeddu.

The aim of the Company is to strengthen the Management Team and continue the ambitious growth plan of the company, active in the eyewear sector in Italy and abroad.

Who is Matteo Mohwinckel

Mohwinckel, born in 1962, during his career has held important managerial positions in Italian and international companies, the last as Export Sales Director in Mondottica Ltd UK, where he entered in January 2018, after being Export Sales Director of Marcolin from 2014 to 2016.

His experience in the optical industry began in the family business, active in the optical industry, in 1997 in Viva International Group, a major American Eyewear company, where he even held the position of International Sales Director EMEA.

With the arrival of Matteo, Italia Independent aims to increase its presence in the major markets at a global level as well as to maximise distribution results linked to the strategic launch of new products.