Look-made in Italia: the new institutional video.

An off-screen voice, emotional and captivating background music. Then the images one after another, clear and strong.

The new Look-made in Italia institutional video tells the story of a company that for over forty years has been producing eyewear using material, which in the knowing and expert hands of people who every day research, design and create, is transformed and takes shape.

A link to the territory that stimulates the creativity of a company which is considered as home here because it has all the emotions that make a family.

The video gives a taste of what happens in this factory of wonders, moving in time with its departments like a finely tuned automobile. From the selection of materials to customer service, everything is interconnected seamlessly by a common denominator: passion, which has always been the guiding force behind the company’s values.

These same values were built from a constant commitment to research and innovation, an excellence which transforms and evolves, looking forward with the aim of always satisfying, day after day, the needs of those who will be wearing these small masterpieces.

Because every frame communicates the beauty of a Country and the history of LOOK-made in Italia, a company that since 1978 has been producing eyewear, exclusively in Italy at the foot of the Dolomites, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A clear message

But with this video the company also wants to send a clear message: transparency, reliability and sustainability are the elements that make the difference in a globalised panorama where traceability is already an increasingly relative concept, to the detriment of a product’s originality.