Leidmann’s view


As mentioned in previous editions, the prestigious Bestore Award has gone to the German firm Leidmann. Philipp Foret explains the group’s philosophy to WMIDO.

How many shops do you have and where are they located?

We have started in 2001 with our shop in Leopoldstrasse in Munich, Germany. A downstairs basement shop located in the heart of Schwabing. In 2004 we opened a second store nearby in walking distance to draw even more attention. For a couple of years it was our dream to settle in Munich’s city center on famous Maximilianstrasse. In 2013 this dream came true with our second basement shop.

Can you describe the philosophy of your company?

“Who cares about brands? What we care about is having the world’s best eyewear.”

Which are the main features of your shops?

Each of them has its own aura. We are more and more focusing on the details. At Maximilianstrasse, for example, we have a special pickup counter in the middle of the store. Customers picking up ordered prescription glasses will find them inside a lit box along with their name tag on the drawer.

Who designed your shops?

We have been developing our ideas and concepts over the last years and realizing them together with our architects Stephanie Thatenhorst & Kirsten Scholz.

What kind of products are German people looking for?

Germans value well manufactured products made of high quality. They love fashion without taking it too seriously or following just every trend blindly. Mostly they are looking for a clean and classic design, which is elegant but extraordinary and outstanding at the same time.

What are the “plus” that made your shop won the “Bestore Award”?

What a tough question, since we were not expecting to win the award at all. However, to us the interior design placing the focus on the products and our craftsmanship was particularly important, when designing the shop. We were aiming to create an exceptionally atmosphere. The carefully selected natural materials and interior elements represent our dedication for high quality products. All together it should give you the feeling of being just at the right place to find beautiful pieces of eyewear handcrafted by masters, selected by us.

Do you want to dedicate this award to someone?

The prize is dedicated to Chris’ father, August Leidmann, who always believed in his son and his visions.