Kyme Sunglasses

What distinguishes you from others in the eyewear market?

Kyme is a project that began as a game and became a challenge. The idea of a visionary eye care professional, it is distinctive because its identity conveys a desire to propose a recognizable idea: the great eyewear classics revisited and adapted to modern times without neglecting a vintage flavor.

What are the objectives behind your presence at SEE with Mido?

Kyme is a young company and although it is achieving success and visibility, we believe that SEE with Mido is an excellent occasion for getting ourselves known to our end-customer. Through our social networks we have had optimal feedback from end-customers. What better occasion could there be for presenting our Made in Italy eyewear?

What are the characteristics of your top model?

“Light” encompasses our company’s key points: craftsmanship (our eyewear is made by craftsmen in Italy) and innovation (the grafting of the sheet and the cellulose acetate is the result of innovation in which the company constantly invests). The former confers lightness and cleanness, the cellulose rims convey the company’s identity.