A record event for Mido


The 2015 edition confirmed Mido‘s forefront position among international exhibitions, with the highest recorded number of attendees: 49,000 visitors (8.7% more than 2014). Giovanni Vitaloni, Vice President of Mido, gave WMIDO an exclusive interview on the outcome of Mido 2015.

How did Mido 2015 go?

It was an extraordinary edition with a record turnout: 49,000 attendees, with 56% coming from abroad, and an estimated 10% increase in Italian visitors. We saw an 8.7% higher attendance than 2014, which is an exceptional figure in itself, especially amid a period of economic uncertainty which still pervades some countries.

What about the two trains arranged from Rome and Venice directly to the Mido fair?

This venture was an unequivocal success and acclaimed by many opticians. I think that if there had been another train arranged to come from Venice, then we would have filled the house; we will take this into consideration for next year.

Was the new showroom layout a hit?

By rationalizing the exposition areas, we were able to increase our showroom size by 10%, while accommodating more exhibitors, with at least 150 new participating companies. The halls are a bit wider, and we made better use of the exterior walls making visiting the fair more enjoyable. Even the absence of turnstiles between pavilions were appreciated by everyone. Another sign of vitality could be found in the Otticlub seminars, where the audience was greatly intrigued and observant.

How did the Lab Academy go?

It was an incredible success, the attending companies already reconfirmed, and we have new applications for 2016, which should bring the total to about 30 brand names.

Tell us about the Bestand and Bestore awards.

These are two very fruitful initiatives; we are working and will continue to work towards making them more prominent, especially in terms of promoting them.

Mido 2015 also presented the results of Optical Monitor, a research study jointly commissioned with Silmo – how did this collaboration between two competing exhibitions come to be?

There is a natural competition between us, but we are convinced that a respectful Mido can be the driving force for a respectful Silmo, and vice versa. We cover two complementary seasons, so research on market figures is a vital tool for both exhibition events, as well as for all participating merchants.

After Mido, will you continue with the Pitti and Out of Mido events intended to pull eyewear out from its natural habitat?

We will certainly be doing Pop-Eye at Pitti again, and we will also be participating in Fuorisalone again, but the event will be under a new name: SEE – See Extraordinary Eyewear. These events are important for marketing, as it will help the Mido name be heard year-round, rather than only during the 3-day event.

Are there any plans in the works for Expo 2015?

We have envisioned some ventures with Anfao, particularly one with Price-Waterhouse & Coopers, but I am unable to divulge any details, which will be unveiled within the next two months.

What are the dates for Mido 2016?

It is scheduled for February 27, 28, and 29, 2016.