Facial adornment has a highly expressive nature

Facial jewellery introduces a fresh direction for statement-making accessories, exploring new terrain beyond piercing and chokers. While the neck, ears, hands and fingers may already be occupied territory on the jewellery scene, the face itself re- mains only partially explored. From subtly accentuating features to radically changing the focal point in the face, facial adornment has a highly expressive and naturally provocative nature.

Mykita Studio explores the unconventional beauty of facial jewellery with a trans- formative accessory for the eleventh instalment of its design series. Fashioned from the signature Mykita stainless steel, the Studio 11 headpiece is designed to be worn in a variety of ways around and across the face. The resilient steel design comes in a range of precious metallic coatings, including a limited edition platinum model.