The nostalgic beauty of Barbados

Peoples from Babados, the beautiful blend of Bajan soul and Caribbean flair translated into elegant artisan eyewear, announces the release of its 2020 campaign, shot on location at Half Moon Fort, Barbados Island.

Since the launch of Peoples from Barbados (PFB) Eyewear in Spring 2016, optometrist and optical entrepreneur, Alicia Hartman. Her frames represent a captivating celebration of the Bajan lifestyle with a contemporary style and authentic quality that appealsto all ethnicities and ages.

The Peoples from Barbados campaign was shot at Half Moon Fort on the North West coast of the island, a place that has fond memories for Hartman. “As a youngster, I spent some of my teenage years in this beautiful unspoilt corner of the island,” she says. “I remember lying on this same cliff where we stopped to shoot: I would gaze into the sunset as it disappeared into the horizon, dreaming of the future and everything I wanted to achieve”.

The new Peoples from Barbados campaign featuring Barbadian model Jalicia Nightengale was photographed by Jaryd Niles-Morris, the Barbadian born photographer The words accompanying the imagery, dedicated to Peoples from Barbados Eyewear, are by the travelling street poet, Kevin Devaney.