Elie Saab and Corporate Brand Maison open in Dubai a space located in Obegi Home showroom.

The Obegi Home showroom is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, just steps away from the iconic Burj Al Arab.

The unique style of this two storey building stands out for its balanced combination of natural stone with steel and glass.

It represents the perfect space for the Elie Saab Maison collection, the only fashion brand that will be hosted inside.

Located on the ground floor, the space occupies a large area and will showcase the various atmospheres of the collection, complemented by accessories: two spacious living areas, a sleeping area, a large lounge and a dining area, complemented by the carpets, lighting and textiles of the collection.

The space is intended to be more than an exhibition display, but a place of exchange, a meeting point for customers, designers and professionals.

A space that will come to life through a series of activities that will go far beyond the simple viewing of the collection.