Desio’s colour contact lenses conquers beauty gurus and vips.

The colour contact lenses by Desio have captivated stars and influencers with millions of followers. Brand-addicted personalities include James Charles, Jeffree Star, Bretman Rock, Patrick Starr, Nikita Dragun, beauty gurus with countless followers on social media and the web.

The images published in social media and glossy magazines which have been seen around the world show how Desio lenses spice up their look. Apart from them, there are several famous actresses and models (their names are top secret) youwould never suspect of wearing the brand’s lenses not only on the red carpet, but also every day.

The lenses come in 27 colours: from delicate greys to various shades of light and dark blue, without forgetting all the shades of green and brown, the most popular and most sold colours in the world.Wearers can play with different eye colours; Desio lenses can “radically” change the colour of the iris, but can also give the eyes depth by choosing a shade that is lighter or darker than the natural colour.