Barbara De Rigo has received the ‘Women for Made in Italy’ award

Within the context of the ‘Consortia and Made in: how to drive excellence’ conference, intended to promote the protection of Made in Italy production, the first edition of the ‘Women for Made in Italy’ award is under way with the presence of Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova. A tribute to female entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves for their ability to innovate and contribute significantly to the growth of the Italian economy.

A great honour and a fantastic achievement not only for Barbara De Rigo but also for the company as a whole. De Rigo Vision, from the very beginning, has always accommodated women. De Rigo Vision was founded by Ennio De Rigo – who was awarded the ‘Knight of Labour’ title for his work in 2018, the year that marked the company’s 40th anniversary. Yet, the eyewear industry giant also owes a lot to Ennio’s wife Emiliana, who worked alongside her husband from the onset, assuming an active role within the company.

Today, more so than ever, De Rigo continues to support women through Corporate Social Responsibility activities aimed at improving the lives of its female employees and welfare programmes implemented in agreement with regional institutions in the Veneto.