“100 years young 1919-2019”

Established in the Dolomites in 1919, Fedon is celebrating 100 years of activity this year. To mark its centenary, the company has produced a book, “100 years young 1919-2019”, which encloses and articulates the history, the events, and above all the passion and the sacrifices that have made Fedon a leader in its sector.

The volume traces the group’s most significant steps since its origin, in that extraordinary naturalistic and environmental setting that is the Dolomites. The company’s reminiscence is associated with the historic memory of the territory, and the vaster one of Italy, with a sequence of events down along the timeline that started with Italy’s annexation of Cadore, which is when the first spectacle factories appeared: the history of Cadore thus returns to us the figures of characters who laid the foundations of that which would become the “Cadore eyewear district”.

The book follows a thematic itinerary through a century of events that have punctuated the history of the family business, from the innovative insights of its founder Giorgio to its current management, in the hands of the fourth generation, with Callisto Fedon now in situ as President of the Group.

The volume uses pictures and anecdotes to relate a great passion: that for spectacle cases and holders, symbolically containers of hopes and dreams, and of this great success story.