MIDO: the perfect ally for instrumentation

Polyoftalmica has been distributing ophthalmological instruments for over 50 years. Product specialist Matteo Cerlin talked to us about the company’s experiences at MIDO since the first edition.

When was the company created and what was its positioning on the market?

The company was set up in Milan in 1966 as an associated manufacturing company also active in the sale products of certain international brands of ophthalmological instruments. In 2001 we took over the company and in 2003 we moved from Milan to Parma.

How much space has MIDO given to instrumentation?

It has always been given good visibility. The market has changed significantly: initially MIDO was dedicated only to sales, but now it is also a showcase for instrumentation because it hosts all manufacturers from all over the world.

Which was the best MIDO?

The 2016 edition: we had a visit from the Foggia school of optics and I was impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and the interest they showed in our instruments. It was thanks to that meeting that we began collaborating with some schools.

What do you think about MIDO’s new path?

I am very much in favour of the developments in communication and a widespread presence all year round. Compared to the past, it has many more companies and very large display areas that attract visitors with events.

MIDO is always the most important fair. It is unparalleled.

Your wish for the MIDO’s 50 years?

For 50 years it has been the most important fair in the world and it is my hope that it will continue in this direction!